Stretching Cans

     This section is for all of you people who have had trouble making one can section fit into another when making a soda an stove (alcohol stove).  The best thing to do is to "stretch" the outer can section so that the inner can section will slide into it.  The first thing you have to do is make a dilator tool.  Once you have your dilator tool made, you just start working the outer can section over the dilator tool.  To stretch the can, you just have to work the can around the dilator tool.  There is no need to leave the outer piece on the tool because it won't stretch it out.  You only need to concentrate on stretching about the top half inch of the outer can piece just by spinning the two pieces opposite of each other.  One last thought, make sure you don't put the whole can bottom on the dilator tool because it will be impossible to get off of the tool.  The air pressure is one of the things that helps you pull the outer can piece off of the dilator tool, and if you push it on all the way, there will be no pressure to aid you.