This is my second (really about 32nd) run through of making a soda can stove.  I have made a lot of different designs, and none of them seemed to work.  Come to find out, I was using fuel that didn't really work well.  The problems I was having were too much soot and weak flames coming from the stove's jets.  They also would run out of oxygen and the stove would go out when it still had plenty of fuel. 
    The stove is a little different than the Penny Stove by Mark Jurey (I think it is different, only because I didn't look at the directions for it), so I was pretty sure that the stove would work.  I just had to find out what the problem was. 
    After I played around a little with the stove and doing some research I figured out it was probably the fuel that was the problem.  Once I figured out that the fuel was the problem, I was able to start to experiment with a solution.  I knew denatured alcohol would work, but at $5.50 a quart, that was a little more than I wanted to pay.  So I started tinkering with HEET (in the yellow bottle) and Isopropyl alcohol.  I came up with a 50/50 mixture of HEET and 91% Isopropyl alcohol.  It burns really clean (almost completely blue flame).  This is also a relatively inexpensive fuel too (32oz Iso: $1.82 & 12oz HEET $1.12).  This mixture worked very well for my purposes it burned clean, was cheap, and it burned hot.