Pressurized Top Burner Stove

To make it you:
            1.)   Take a 30mm piece of can (cut off of the bottom with side still attached) and another 20mm piece also.             
            2.)   Punch 24 evenly spaced holes in the 20mm piece of can around the bottom of the can just out side the rim a can sits on when it is sitting upright (I used a thumb tack).  Also, drill a hole in the center of the can bottom.
                (note:  You can either use a penny or a thumb screw to cover the center hole.  If you use a penny, you can just cut the hole and be done with the "burner" piece of the stove (that is what the stove in these pictures has).  If you want something a little more fancy, you can get a thumb screw and drill a hole that will fit it, and screw the thumb screw in to keep the pressure in the stove.  If you take this route, I also suggest JB Weld-ing a nut to fit the screw on the inside of the "burner" piece, inline with the center hole, to help hold the thumb screw (the can will quickly loose the ability to keep the screw tight).  You have to close the hole some how with this design, because if you don't you will have a small flame coming out of the center.)
            3.)   Then take one of the cans you cut the bottom out of and cut a 40mm tall piece of the can wall out, and roll it into a circle that fits into the circular valley of the inside of the 30mm piece of can.
          4.)   Make sure you cut three evenly spaced holes out of the top and bottom sides of the 40mm piece of can wall.  This is the false wall on the inside of your stove.    You can cut two slits in this piece and fit them together to hold the size you need to fit the inside of the can, or you can JB Weld it to keep the size.  (zenstoves,net has some templates to help you size this wall and punch the holes in the "burner" section.)                              
             5.)   Set the  20mm piece into the 30mm  piece.   (you may want to use a
dilator tool). 
            6.)   You will also have to prime the stove (get it hot so the gas vaporizes) somehow.  The easiest way is to make a primer pan out of the bottom of a tuna can (cut bottom and about a quarter to half inch of can wall off).  Another way you can is to attach a wick to the stove.  This link has a video of Tinny doing it   
        Thanks for reading this, and hope your MYOG project goes well!