Project of the Week: UL Fire Blower

     How many times have you gone backpacking just to find that if you want to build a fire you must fight the cloud of smoke that comes along with it (unless you brought along a bottle of lighter fluid which in that case I don't know why you are at a lightweight backpacking website).  Enter, the solution.  The UL Fire Blower is a way to blow a lot of air on the fire to speed up the fire with out having to put your face near the fire and consequently the smoke. 

To make it you:
       1.)   Buy some clear tubing about a half inch in diameter and some copper tubing the same diameter (or an eighth of an inch smaller).  You just want some tubing that can fit over the copper tubing. 

       2.)   Then you cut the clear tubing to about 2-3 feet long depending on how far away from the fire you want to be.  Cut the copper tubing about 4-5 inches long. 

       3.)   Then push the copper tubing into the clear tubing until about an inch of the copper tubing is in the clear tubing. 

       4.)   Finally, (and this is optional) you can put some epoxy that is highly heat resistant on the place where the copper and clear tubing come together.  I have never done this but I have been told that it helps. 

     To use this contraption, you blow air through the clear tubing and out the other end (the one with the copper pushed into it).  The copper is there simply to make the life of this "blower" last longer.  The copper won't melt as readily as the clear tubing would.  Let me know if you have any questions about this project. Sorry I don't have a picture, my camera is out of comission.