Last night I made my first attempt at building a hammock.  It was nothing spectacular, but it worked and held my 190lb body comfortablly off the ground.  I thought for a few hours about the easiest design that I could come up with, and this is what I did:
     First I cut a section of fabric 4.5 feet longer than I am (about 10.5 feet altogether).  Then I bunched the fabric at each end and tied a square knot in the end.  This knot will be the anchor point for tying the hammock to the tree.  I then wrapped cord around the hammock side of the knot and tied the other end to the tree.  This was pretty much it.  I have plans to do more work on this hammock and add some features.  I was just very pleasently surprised at how easy it was to get my base hammock done.  
     One thing that I am going to add to this hammock is bug netting.  I have an idea to make this like a large sock to just fit over the whole hammock with a drawstring closure at each end of the cylinder.  This way I will have minimum sewing to do and I will be able to keep bugs off me for the most part.  When not in use, this bug netting will just be bunched up at the foot portion of the hammock.  I also have ideas to put a stash pocket on the outside of the hammock and install loops for a ridge line on the bug netting.  My final project will be making a tarp to keep the water off of me. 
     If you have any ideas or a better way to do some of the things that I have mentioned, please let me know eithe rwith a comment here or e-mail me at  Keep in mind that I am persuing a very simple and easy design for this project. 

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