Hey guys.  Let me first thank all the people who come to this site and read my rantings and ravings.  This post is to tell some of you about an idea that I came up with even though I'm sure I'm not the first one to do this.  I was tinkering with my soda can stoves last night and decided that I wanted to create a stove that better directed the heat to the bottom of my Heiney pot.  After a little thinking I decided to change the position of the jet holes.  Instead of putting them on the outside of the ring on the bottom of the can, I put the holes on the inside.  I put holes (about 16) evenly spaced all around the inside edge of that ring.  The result was a more concentrated flame on the concave portion of the Heiny pot bottom. 

     Now let me say that I'm sure this probably isn't a first for the MYOG or DIY communities in the backpacking world, but let me assure you that this works.  There is no life changing, revolutionary idea here, but this simple change did make my stove more efficent.  Its more efficent because the flame concentrates more heat to the bottom of the pot and looses less heat to the out side edges of cooking surface like some wider flames do.  I will try to post some pictures and an article soon, but like I have said in other posts, my camera is out of commission right now.  Sorry. 


This is my first attempt at a backpacking website, and I'm sure there will be a lot of amending that will go on.  I envisioned this as a place where people will be able to talk about DIY (do it yourself) backpacking projects.  Let me know what I can do to make it better.  Enjoy!