So, let me start off by apologizing for it having been a month since I've posted on here (to be honest, I doubt there are any regular readers, but just in case).  However, I did get a chance to float the Big Piney Creek yesterday.  We started at a very popular area called Long Pool, and finished at an area called Twin Bridges.  For someone like me who is a very inexperienced paddler, the Piney was a very fun and, at times, easy float. 

     One thing that struck me about this area was how much it had been impacted by the recent weather we have had here in Arkansas.  Even though I had never been to the Piney, it was very easy to see how the landscape had been changed by the heavy rain that we have had over the past month.  Below is a video off of YouTube that someone posted of the flooding.  Notice the bathroom in this video (the building) and how close the water is to flodding it.  When we were there, the water was at what could be called a normal level and it was at least 25ft away from the wall at the bathroom building. 

     It was pretty seeing this video and then going and safely floating the same body of water.  There were huge oak trees that were completely uprooted, and thrown about.  On the way to the water, we saw a grill (one of the campground ones) that had been pulled up out of the ground, cement block and all.  It was pretty awesome to see the power of all that water.  However, it was also beautiful because of the clarity of the creek.  You could very easily see the bottom in most spots.  The water was a deep bluegreen color, and was almost as awesome as the tree damage was.  On one hand it was sad to see some of those old trees completely uprooted, but on the other hand it was really cool to see how nature has a way of maintaining itself. 


I've been reading all your posts for the past few months. I suppose that qualifies me as being a 'regular'. Keep up the good work.


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