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     As, promised, here is a (late...:D) trip report from the Caney Creek/Buckeye Trail (CCBT).  We parked our car at the Buckeye trailhead, and hiked down the dirt road to the Caney Creek trailhead.  The Caney Creek (CC) part of this hike was very nice.  CCT was pretty well maintained, and it was not hard to follow.  We had tons of chances to stop at various creek crossing (none of which were very deep) and other beautiful places.  There was plenty of water, and the terrain wasn't hard at all.  We camped right by a creek at what is one of the best campsites I've ever had.  The next morning, we realized that we had gone past the BT, because it wasn't marked very well at all (something that would be a theme for the BT).  We backtracked and found where we went wrong.  We began the climb up the BT and saw an off-the-trail waterfall.  It was awesome (although it wasn't Katy Falls).  The BT was not easy by any means.  The trail had not seen any work done on it in quite some time.  There were a few times when we had to split up and go in different directions to find where the trail went.  There were also briars, a lot of over growth, and no water.  We had a pretty rough time because we didn't have enough water for the difficulty of the terrain and the heat of the day.  After a ton of up and downs on the BT, we finally got back to the car.  It was a hard second day, but the trip was very awesome!