This weekend, me and some friends went to a waterfall in northwest Arkansas.  It was an awesome trip filled with unexpected adventure, beautiful views, and a lot of snow (for Arkansas).  We started out by going to an area around Nail, AR to hike a trail that was said to have three waterfalls.  When we pulled off of the road, we realized that we had pulled onto a slippery slope.  We barried up the 4x4 truck in the snow and slid 4 feet down he hillside.  After we got one of the locals to help us get out, we had lost two hours of daylight.  We scrapped the first trail and went on to the second one.  It was called "The Glory Hole Trail".  The trail was a path that lead down to a stream, and then you just followed the stream down to the fall.  This trail was very awe-inspiring. 

This is just one of the hundreds of pictures that I took on the trail.  This stream ran the length of the trail, and it is what created the Glory Hole.  We walked down the trail and passed all kinds of awesome views.  There were small rock caves, large rock formations, waterfalls, and of course the creek.  Finally we got to the end of the trail and saw the Glory Hole. 

     This is a picture of me standing next to the fall.  You can see the water puring through the roof.  This water is flowing from the stream in the earlier picture.  Our trip was really one to remember, and I can't wait to go back and see how it looks during the spring.