Simple Hammock

     I have just gotten into hammock camping.  It is a really cool alternative to "normal" backpacking.  One thing that had kept me from backpacking with a hammock was the comfort factor.  Hammock camping is very comfortable and its so much fun.  To make this hammock all you have to do is:

     1.)   Cut a peice of $1/yd fabric from Wal-Mart into 10.5 ft (I'm 6' tall; you can cut it longer or shorter to fit your height). 

     2.)   Then I bunched the fabric up and tied the whole thing in a knot (use an overhand knot) in each end of the fabric.  Tie it about 4-6in from each end. 

     3.)   Tie your lashing on the "hammock side" of the overhand knot.  This way when you lay in the hammock, the lashing will pull against the knot and the knot will act as your anchor point. 

     4.)   Also, get you some straps to tie to a tree so that the string doesn't dig into the tree bark and hurt the tree.  Tie the string (I use trotline string found in the sporting goods department of Wal-Mart that has a 265lb test strength) to the straps that you've secured around the trees you want to hang from. 

     Thats it. Like I said, it is probably the easiest design that someone could come up with for a hammock.  Let me know if you have any questions at  Thanks for reading and good luck!